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Pastor's Page

Family.  Friends.  Those two words truly describe the wonderful relationships we share at Harvey.  This is why we call our church a family of friends and a friend to the family.

At Harvey, we want you to feel at home, to be part of a family.  It all begins with being part of God’s forever family, being united in faith in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

At Harvey, you are part of a fellowship family.  You are surrounded by a caring, loving family of friends who will help you and your family grow, sharing the good times, helping you shoulder the tough times.

Harvey is also a friendship family.  We strive to reach out to people, making friends forever, sharing the love of Jesus with those around us.  We hope you feel this love at Harvey.

Whether you are a large family or a family of one, we invite you to let us be your family.

Come share our joy and the exciting vision God has given us for tomorrow. 

Ron Sego became Pastor July 17, 2022 after serving as Music Director for many years.

Ron and his wife Kim reside on Sawyer. Ron is also employed at Marquette Branch Prison training men to become carpenters.

Ron can be reached at Harvey Baptist Church at (906) 249-1013 or by cell at (906) 236-2787.